Useful links

  • The following links are offered as a service to our users and the informations contained in them should not be related in any way to our position regarding certain issues.
    We recommand Researcg Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS) – Athens, Greece, focused on Balkan and Estern Mediterranean security and academic intelligence studies, at
    World Security Network is one of biggest global network for foreign and defense affairs. Without political specific orientation, WSN are an important global source of practical knowledge, based on contribution of several well-known experts, retired generals and admirals, ambassadors, professors, journalist. Starting with 10 of February 2010, WSN and INGEPO Consulting – Geostrategic Pulse are media partners.
    Terrorism - The War on Terrorism - Academic info
    Links, portals and agencies; Conventions, laws and treaties: digital library: U.S. Government and the war on terrorism's resources: studies on the Iraq War.
    Center for Strategic&International Studies
    Non-profit organization located in Washington D.C., U.S.A., with over 200 employees. Provides studies for the political class in the field of global security, offers free documentation on various subjects, useful links to other sites.
    Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of Armed Forces -DCAF- News&Events
    Created in 2000 by the Swiss Government. Provides research on security challenges for governments, parliaments, international organizations. A good free documentation base on security issues.
    Pentagon's Official Military Intelligence Site (Defense Intelligence Agency), SUA
    Center for Excellence in Competitive Intelligence, Cambridge, SUA
    Paid service to attend various seminaries; free previews of works on economy intelligence
    US Intelligence Community Site
    French intelligence site. Most information is offered as a paid service.

    The official site of Great Britain's MI5
    The official site of the "Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations" of Israel, better known as "Mossad".
    The official site of the US Central Intelligence Agency
    Open-source intelligence as seen by the Global Intelligence Partenership Network, USA
    The official site of the Romanian Presidency
    The official site of the Romanian Foreign Intelligence Agency
    The official site of the Romanian Intelligence Agency
    Strategic Intelligence Services, USA. Private company licensed in investigations on insurance, I.T., crime and others.
    Security Consulting Agency - Strategic Forecasting Int.
    US private agency, a well organized site, run by experienced personnel in political and military intelligence and of other nature. The site offers a paid service for detailed materials, periodical syntheses (monthly, annual, issue-oriented). Free daily and weekly news are offered via e-mail upon subscription.
    Data related to terrorist organizations and actions.
    Analyses and discussions related to terrorist groups and their actions.
    European Union site, contains documents related to politics, defense, counterterrorism and many others.