• Information is power, in business and in any other domain; it is an essential element to ensure your personal or corporate success.

    We offer you consultancy at the highest level, exclusively from open public sources that our specialists know how to find, evaluate, exploit, analyze and integrate into finite materials that are extremely useful for you.

    Our professional services include a large variety of activities, within the country and abroad.

    Here are some:

    1. In Romania:

    You want to start a business and you know nothing about the necessary formalities? Knowing us is enough. We can professionally and efficiently guide you through the hectic bureaucracy, under profitable conditions that we set together.

    You need to make sure your business is efficient and fully develops its potential?

    We can offer you an expert evaluation together with a set of measures to increase the efficiency of your company. You need detailed marketing information on your field of activity? You keep on doing your business, while our specialists thoroughly study the market for you. You need to elaborate a pretentious thesis and you don’t have enough time or the subject is rather unfamiliar? We can suggest a proper structure, selective bibliography, a summary of the main ideas or the paper itself, in its final form.

  • 2. Abroad:

    You want to further develop your business on an external market? We can provide you with all the necessary data you need for a fully knowledgeable decision.

    Best profits are to be made in insecure conflict areas. What risks can you expect? Our assessments and predictions can help you find the best answer..

    You need us to facilitate business connections for you in an unfamiliar field? We get all the information you need and we schedule your appointments. Our professionals can travel to the area of your interest and set the bases of your business prior to your arrival there. Also, we can provide expert assistance all through the process of your activity. We offer all these prompt and efficient services and many others, under a professional and confidential consultancy contract..

    You needn’t use your employees to do things they are not trained for; they can continue being efficient in their expert areas: You have Us! We’re looking forward to work with and for you.

    Sincerely yours,


    Corneliu Pivariu