Payment methods:

  • 1. by bank order to SC INGEPO Consulting SRL account.

    Bank order payment is made based on the INGEPO proform invoice.

    Proform invoice will be issued at the time of placing the order and will be attached to your confirmation e-mail or to your INGEPO website account.

    As soon as we have payment confirmation you will have product access.

    Billing information:

    Bank: BRD Groupe Societe Generale
    Bank account: RO76BRDE080SV35412140800
    CUI: RO19298677
    Reg. of trade number: J08/2898/2006
    Address Oltului nr. 10, Et. 1, Apt.6, Brasov, Romania.
    ZIP code: 500283
    Phone: +40-268-470076
    FAX: +40-268-470076
    Mail: [email protected]

  • 2. Online payment
    Online payment is available on INGEPO website, with your credit/debit card. This payment method is SSL secured.

    If the payment is successfully made you will have instant product access.

    3. Cash on delivery
    Payment is made to the commissionaire at the time of receiving the products.

    When receiving the first subscription number (only for Romania) you will pay the commissionaire the sum for the entire subscription.