IMPORTANT ALERT to Geostrategic Pulse 234 - Holy Cross – the Resurrection’s seed

Holy Cross – the Resurrection’s seed
Father Gheorghe Colţea

Reason tells us there can be no resurrection failing death. Reason, too, tells us nothing is more depressing and scarier than death.
In a world confused and scared to death, Church, as a mother reassuring her children while watershed, tells us that resurrection is no delusion, stressing the certitude of this truth. Therefore, Church’s cult is impregnated by resurrection’s hope.

Contrariwise, science and research, competing the Curch, endeavour to assess, with certitude, that resurrection is absurd and death is an irreversible existential phenomenon.

Each side, both Church and science, endeavour indeed to bring in as many arguments in backing the truth it preaches except for that one of them, i.e. science, enjoys the possibility of submitting its own alternative to  body’s sensors while the other, i.e. the Church  uses only the grace of faith. This is why Church summons humans immediately after Easter to purify their ”souls” for being able to see Christ, the Sun of justice spreading life to everyone.

We understand from this summoning that Church predicates that body’s senses, namely the five sensors – hearing, sight, touch, smell and palate – through which man perceives and comprehends the creation’s realities, so these sensors could be used for the cognition and acknowledgement of resurrection only if purified or otherwise capacitated to receive the realities which, under ”normal” circumstances, cannot be perceived and received through senses. 

Stress should be laid on the fact that Church does not dispraise the sensible and sensorial knowledge but even affirms that such a knowledge may be used as far as cognition of extra-sensorial or beyond-sensorial realities are concerned – such as resurrection – as long as the body’s specific senses be purified, capacitated and predisposed to this higher knowledge residing normally in knowledge through faith.

I am part of the clergy; I rely, therefore, on religious teaching and, moreover, I myself preach it as being certain and superior; therewith, for rendering credence to  teachings on Christ’s Resurrection and hence implicitly for our resurrection, I use images, realities and phenomena specific to knowledge through science and research; I range realities face to face, mirroring them and capitalize on rational logic which is, truly, one of the most important graces man is gifted with.

So, for the beginning, I get myself convinced that it is impossible that God, known in the Revelation as being Love, created man for being doomed to death. Another truth I impose to my reasons through logic is that when creating the world, God did not make a “dumpster” where to throw waste or scrap and, even more, I deny to accept that the outgrowth of the deeds of the Fountainhead of Life may be doomed to death.

Another truth I stubbornly try to impose to my reasons is that there is an  infinity of realities which the sensors I am endowed with, through creation, cannot cover, know and censor. Therefore, with humility I allow my faith the right to know and penetrate the existential folds where the reason cannot penetrate – augmenting thus the promise that yet what science and research tell me it is not ultimate. Besides, it is reason, too, which helps me ascertain of a surety that within the historical dynamics of creation – that supposes the sensorial research and knowledge as well, nothing is ultimate and as such, my mind and heart keep the hope that science itself will find out,  over time, and confess the resurrection.

For the time being, with humbleness and without contradicting anyone or anything and capitalizing even on the sensorial knowledge but also on the knowledge through faith, I confess the truth of the possibility of our resurrection, using as a logical argument – the truth of the Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. Yet for reinforcing this truth and for the possibility of reaching it we invite each other who believe in God and implicitly in Resurrection to purify our souls and mobilize our senses  through the religious practice commended by Church and come to see Christ – the Sun of justice – spreading life to everyone. Let us confess – and purify ourselves – through the sacraments – and mobilize ourselves – precisely for being able to reach, through  knowledge,  the areas which, for the time, can be reached through Grace only.

The lightning arrester cannot pick-up the bolt of lightning if its tip is covered with cinder or is rusted. The lightning arrester cannot pick-up the bolt of lightning unless its tip is clean and covered with silver, gold or platinum. That is very telling. We have a lot to learn from it.

The phone cannot pick-up sound over the electromagnetic waves if its sensor – the receiver – is out of work or if furthermore it does not have this sensor. That is very telling. To receive and know beyond-sensorial realities, realities above the nature and above intellect, we need to purify our senses – the existential sensors – predisposing us to knowledge through Grace.

Something is easy to understand: God is pure Love. The death on the cross is the pure incarnation of the existential Love. Love cannot be killed! Therefore  Resurrection is hidden in the Crucification itself. More than that, the more the death is immersed in love, the more it is consummated in Resurrection – because Love augments by giving, not by acquiring – and Love never perishes; and there is no greater love than the one when someone adds his life to the other.

Therefore, without wasting any more time explaining by words what can be found out in fact – we come to the simple conclusion that Resurrection lies hidden in the Cross. Hence, we understand that our resurrection is possible in sacrifice only. The involvement up to death to the benefit of the fellow human predisposes us to resurrection. Sometime, mankind will understand that the existential prop is love expressing itself through sacrificial involvement to the benefit of the fellow and that man’s perpetuation lies in dedication and not in the selfish amassing of valuables that are anyway vain-glouriousness. So the desideratum expressed in prayer but also in the mankind’s rather misleading endeavour of making a better world in which the God’s Kingdom is mirrored will come true when man understands the arcanum of the cross on Golghota – the cross in which he finds his own calling – the calling of sacrifying himself in love and not only benefit from selfishness.

Here’s why the Sacred night of Resurrection , when the priest calls people to Light, near the candle, he tightly keeps Christ’s Cross who, crucified, induces the creation to resurrection.

Time and sound
Calling cold
Don’t go
Don’t depart

Bow your head
Dust may carol

Leaf will whisper
To you silence
And the daybreak

Sound and time
Resurrection in

Christ is Risen!
With love, Father Gheorghe Colţea
Archpriest Bran-Zărneşti

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