IMPORTANT ALERT to Geostrategic Pulse 231 - The political program supporting French exit from the EU

The political program supporting French exit from the EU
Cristian UNTEANU

The 114 point political program presented as an electoral commitment by Marine Le Pen before the presidential elections in this spring represents, undoubtedly, the most coherently formulated platform of the European nationalist right-extreme political group on the old continent.

It is an essential document to study because it is relevant on European scale, as it is very likely that several main points were already adopted by other members in the group of European nationalists, first and foremost by those participating in 2017 electoral races in the Netherlands and in Germany.

”It is a presidential election process where two visions will be confronted, face to face. On one hand, there is the ”globalist” one, represented by all my competitors, seeking to destroy our great economic and social balances, to cancel all borders, economic and physical and wishing more and more immigration and less and less cohesion among the French people. On the other hand, there is the patriotic one, which I am a representative of, placing the defense of the nation and of the people above any public decision and most of all, protecting our identity, our independence, and the unity of the French people, justice and prosperity for everyone”.

In fact, the whole program is structured around one promise, the key element of what could become the masterpiece of Madam Le Pen’s term: “Regaining our liberty and control over our destiny, giving back the French people its sovereignty (monetary, legislative, territorial, economic). For this purpose, a negotiation will be started with our European partners, followed by a referendum on our membership to the European Union. Our objective is to have a European project that respects the independence of France, national sovereignties and that serves the interests of the nations”.

It is an announcement that forecasts a nuclear explosion, the second one after the BREXIT, however with an even greater complexity because unlike the British, Madam Le Pen announces her intention to take France out from the NATO joint military staff (following de Gaulle’s former initiative) as well, plus “returning to the national border system and leaving the Schengen Space”.

What will further effects be?

It is almost impossible to answer such question, because in case Madam Le Pen wins, the European Union will have to face a very difficult perspective, as some people in Brussels are already talking about the “nightmare” of having to negotiate simultaneously with two exists from the system, one of the Great Britain and one of France. In the case of NATO, the strike is equally lethal as it could mean the loss of one of the leading military forces in the Alliance and it will add one more question mark on the validity of the European defense project, and idea that was supported by the French-German couple so far.

On the other hand, the French exit from UE will bring huge chaos into all European institutional structures, so dangerous that some of them will be forced to enforce major restructuring due to the departure of a great deal of French personnel and also to the loss of the annual French contribution to the EU budget.

As follows, here are some of the proposals made by the electoral project of Marine Le Pen, candidate to the French presidency:

Reducing the number of members of parliament to 300 as opposed to the 577 existent now;

Massive rearming of the public security forces: in terms of personnel (recruiting over 15,000 policemen and gendarmes) and more equipment, plus a new law on the legitimate self-defense;

Enforcing a plan to disarm the neighborhoods with security issues and resuming state control over the areas where law is not respected. 5,000 heads of criminal groups and those identified by the Interior Minister. Applying the “zero tolerance” principle;

Creating 40,000 extra places in jails for the next 5 years, plus life imprisonment penalty which cannot be reduced;

Reestablishing the automatic expulsion system for foreign criminals and assassins. Signing bilateral agreements to allow foreigners sentenced in France to be imprisoned in their countries of origin;

Reducing the annual immigration threshold to 10,000 people;

Revoking the system of “family reunion” and of French citizenship granted upon marriage;

Cancelling the “rights on the ground”: the French citizenship will be possible only by filiation or naturalization, more strict requirements. The extra-European double nationality is to be cancelled. Interdiction and termination of all bodies connected to Islamic fundamentalism, closing all mosques declared extremist and banning external funding of religious place and their personnel. Banning all public funding (state, territorial groups…) for religious places of worship andf their cultural activities.

Enforcing a reindustrialization plan to favor real economy against black market. Supporting French companies against dishonest international competition by starting an intelligent protectionist plan and reestablishing the national currency adapted to the French economy. Banning importing and selling goods coming from abroad and non-conformant to the norms imposed to the French producers. Restoring real economic patriotism by breaking all European constraints and keeping public requirements for the French state companies. By means of a Economic Safety Authority, securing protection of strategic sectors by controlling foreign investments that could harm national interests. By means of a Savings State Department, creating a Sovereign Fund with the double task to protect the companies against hostile funds or takeovers as well as to purchase bonds and shares in strategic sectors.

Resuming the age of retirement of “60 years old, with 40 years of social contributions paid”. Terminating existent conventions with the Gulf countries granting special privileges facilitating takeovers against French economy by means of petrodollars and that are detrimental to the national interest;

Reestablishing secularity, extending it to the whole public space and registering it in the Labor Code, then inserting the principle “The Republic recognizes no community” in the Constitution;

Permanent flags on all public institutions with the French flag and no EU flag;

Restoring real equality and meritocracy, refusing the principle of “positive discrimination”. Enhancing the defense budget to 2% of the GDP in the first year of the presidential term, then to 3% by the end of term;

Building a new carrier, “Richelieu”, resuming the number of military troops to the level of 2007, i.e. 50,000 extra troops, more nuclear deterrence capability, more military equipment (aircraft, ships, armored carriers) and gradual restoration of the mandatory military service (for minimum 3 months).

Of course, with all apologies, you have to accept the fact we could not copy here but a few of the proposals in the document you should read ad integrum. We chose those because they represent, like in a mirror with the British ones, the desire for total separation from fundamental regulations of the common European political, economic and social space, although the same regulations had been formulated with the decisive participation of France…

Personally, I have serious doubts that a great deal of these economic and social promises in this program spelling “we want our country back” could be made real without major rapid economic and social imbalances caused as direct consequences of attempt to change the existent rules. Look at what is happening now in the United Kingdom and at the perspectives appeared on the domestic market by the enforcement of an intensive protectionism. The same promises existed in the platform with which Syriza won the Greek elections in a general enthusiasm rapidly followed by a dramatic reality check.

But is it also absolutely impossible for this to happen? No, because Madam Le Pen’s rationale, same as the British one, is based on the full conviction that the EU is an obsolete project, close to implosion and that the future will mean a restoration of the Nation States Europe that could reestablish the balance based exclusively on national sovereignty, resuming old frontiers and exclusive control over all sectors of public life.

The thing is such project could never become real. We should all remember the lesson of the centuries-old European history, made of innumerable terrifying conflicts between National States and alliances made to ensure some vital space. And this is something that could happen again at any time.

Unfortunately, all these concerns are added to the already worrying background signs: what was signed and agreed upon as European way or construction is now being questioned and it might leave us out as well, and quite fast. I do not know if anybody is interested, but we are listening to the sound of our own explosions at the moment. It would be crucial if we could somehow understand one day soon we could wake up unprepared to hear the other explosion that appears to be coming with a much deeper roar.

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