Editorial to Geostrategic Pulse 267 - Europe between the Open Society Foundation – George Soros and Steve Bannon’s Movement

Europe between the Open Society Foundation – George Soros and Steve Bannon’s Movement
Corneliu PIVARIU

The Foundation (of neo-Marxist extraction) of the American billionnaire George Soros is well-known in Europe and particularly in Central and Eastern Europe due to the impact this NGO, set up and financed since 1984, had in this area. It is estimated that George Soros spent during the last 30 years $32 billion for supporting this NGO. He is also known for  speculating on British Pound in 1992 when he made a profit of $1 billion and was nick-named ”the guy who robbed the Bank of England” (many voices in Great Britain requested  that George Soros be declared persona non grata). George Soros’s positions and actions are strongly criticized at the government level in Hungary, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Poland and Romania while the Open Society Foundations spokeperson Laura Silber declared that the foundations will not give up its committment: "The civil society plays an important role in making the governments more responsible and democracies stronger; we are proud to support organisations working for improving the peoples’ lives".  Very nice words and noble objectives yet we remember the American billionaire’s declarations that what interests him is but profit, that he is in favour of abolishing the European Union and supported Brexit and spent as well   around $500 million on the transportation and illegal immigration to Europe of around 6 million Muslims.

As opposed to George Soros (an intimate, among others, of president Obama and Hillary Clinton), the non-profit organisation the Movement was set up by Steve Bannon in order to promote the political influence and right-wing populism in Europe. Steve Bannon (known especially as former Donald Trump’s strategist) and Mischael Modrikamen (the leader of the Belgian Popular Party) registered the Movement on January 9th, 2017 in Brussels.  The objective of the organisation, as  it results from the published articles of association is: "promoting the respect for the rule of law, free initiative, the efficiency of the national borders, consulting the population, the fight against radical Islam, a scientific and non-dogmatic approach of climate change and the defense of the State of Israel as sovereign state on its historical territory". The organisation wants to be a link between the movement initiated by president Donald Trump in the USA,  citizens and the active political movements in other countries sharing the same objectives, including Brexit’s supporters. As it intends to reunite the nationalistic movements in Europe, the Movement hopes for the creation of a populist super grup in the European Parliament to win a third of seats in the 2019 European parliamentarian elections. The organisation has already a team of 10 members in Brussels and hopes to increase the group up to 50 people after the May 2019 European parliamentarian elections, if successful.

The second half of 2018 was marked by important successes of the organisation as the prime minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban had positive appreciations for the Movement, and Matteo Salvini,  vice-prime minister and Federal Secretary of Northern League - Italy became one of the founder members while Giorgio Meloni – the leader of Frattelli d’Italia - registered, too. Geert Wilders – the well-known Dutch Euroskeptic and leader of the Party for Freedom as well as Thierry Baudet – leader of another Dutch opposition party are interested in cooperating/registering in the organisation. Marine le Pen of National Front had successive meetings with Steve Bannon, the last time on October, 10th when she expressed again her interest for the organisation. It is not the case for Alternative for Germany as Alexander Gauland, the co-president, rejected the Movement as being an American concept and criticised its projects. Shortly after this German standoff, the Secretary General of the Austrian Party of Freedom - Harald Vilimsky expressed his refusal of cooperating with Bannon, an attitude shared by Gerard Batten - the UKIP leader – Great Britain.

On the background of the obvious weaknesses witnessed by the European Union concomitantly with the political advances of the nationalist formations and of the Euroskeptics, two powerful currents represented by George Soroș’s Foundation and Steve Banon’s Movement are seeking to join together the extreme left and the extreme right in Europe in order to achieve specific objectives. The future will prove what influence  this political  developments will have in Europe.

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