Editorial to Geostrategic Pulse 263 - President Trump and the USA’s position in the new world geopolitical order

President Trump and the USA’s position in the new world geopolitical order
Corneliu PIVARIU

This middle of July, president Donald Trump paid an important visit to Europe starting with the NATO summit in Brussels,the meetings with Queen Elisabeth II and prime minister Theresa May, then in Helsinki with the Russian president  Vladimir Putin.

A few valuable comments and analyses were published until these lines were sent to press, especially in what concern the summit between the American and Russian leaders as receiving some signals from behind the closed doors  are  more probably further expected.

The NATO summit in Brussels had, indeed, a special importance and the Brussels Summit Declaration is worth studying attentively yet the space of this article is not sufficient for such an endeavour. We took note of the resolve for continuing the improvement and the adaptation of the alliance with regard to the threats it is confronted with as well as for accepting new members when they are meeting the conditions pertaining to the accession. Georgia, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ukraine (in a distinct partnership with NATO) are among the countries that are taken into consideration. Concerns for developing the cooperation between NATO and the EU and the energy security are mentioned. The problem of complying with the threshold of 2% of the GDP for military expenditure was defused by president Trump who proposed   a new level of 4%. It is certain that Washington is disgruntled, for good reason we would say, by the fact that many member states do not observe their own committments assumed on the occasion of previous summits  with regard to these expenditures.

From president Trump’s stances it is clear he has little trust in the efectiveness of alliances yet he has a different position in what concern NATO and considers it an important vector of strength. This assessment is covered by the decisions the USA made during the last year with regard to its deployment in Europe.

The USA relations with Great Britain will further unfold within the known parameters with the satisfaction of Trump Administration about London’s decision of leaving the European Union (for the matter, kidding...or not, France was urged to follow the same path).  Certainly, we read these positions as being adopted through the prism of the paragmatic American businessman who sees in the EU more of a strong economic competitor  than a partner with whom he should find a way of cooperating beneficial for both sides.

The summit in Helsinki between the presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin generated a fusillade of criticism from the opponents of the American president on the other side of the Atlantic, unprecedented for such a meeting and positive judgements for president Putin from Moscow media.

Certainly, the discussions behind closed doors are known by  limited circles of both sides and its results will come out in time and will be most likely amended during other meetings at the same level. The fact that the summit did take place is a positive one and naturally president Putin benefitted most from it especially that in spite of all difficulties the Russian Federation is confronted with, Vladimir Putin by his personal performance succeeded in positioning it at the level of a ”competitor” of the USA.

The issue of Russia’s meddling in the presidential elections in the USA was dealt with too much to no avail for both sides and, as it was expected, the issue of bilateral economic cooperation will be the subject of a ”bilateral working group to be set up at the highest level”. It goes without saying that the great ones get along on the expense of the small ones.

The Trump-Putin meeting in Helsinki that ended without any document being signed does not represent a significant element in the evolution of the world geopolitical situation. A president Putin’s smile during the first summit with Barack Obama in Moscow comes to my memory.

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