Open letter to our readers

Open letter to our readers

With a precision worthy of a Swiss clockwork, Geostrategic Pulse has been issued during more than 10 years, more precisely since March 20, 2007,  on the 5th and the 20th of each month.

Ever since the first three issues were distributed free of charge to some potential beneficiaries, Geostrategic Pulse grew gradually as number of pages, as number of beneficiaries as well as as number of authors contributing to the achievement of this private publication of geopolitical analysis.

This way, Geostrategic Pulse has totaled up in its 250 already publishe issues more that 12,500 pages, i.e. all the issues, the Supplements, Special Issues, Comments etc. that are  available to the subscribers on, and making up a valuable collection. Its value is given by the team who was preocupied permanently of working out Geostrategic Pulse, a small team yet made up of distinguished professionals with outstanding experiences in diplomacy, intelligence, economics and other fields.They were gradually joined by  an important number of authors both from Romania and from other countries on several continents who are more than 40 today.

Special issues and supplements dedicated to some countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Armenia, Republic of Modlova, Ukraine, Jordan, Qatar were worked out after exhaustive documentation locally; or important topics such as Al Qaida, the civil war in Syria a.s.o. INGEPO Consulting took part all along to more that 50 important events (conferences, symposiums, round tables, etc) in Romania and abroad  (more that 20 trips) of which 8 were organizad by ourselves.

In 2017 only, Geostrategic Pulse published 330 articles totalizing almost 1,200 pages.

Under the circumstances, Geostrategic Pulse’s attractiveness increased gradually and the magazine acquired a well defined place in its field both in Romania and abroad. Currently, Geostrategic Pulse is accessed in almost 100 countries on all continents (less the Artic and the Antartic), while in Romania we are accessed in more than 40 towns.

The geopolitical developments of late determine us that, starting with the new year 2018 to change periodicity of Geostrategic Pulse from a bimonthly issue to a monthly issue. As from this issue, Geostrategic Pulse will have a monthly issue, on the 20th of each month,  in the already known structure with an appropiate increase of number of pages so that we do not miss any geopolitical subject we consider important and having thus the major advantage of being able to thoroughly follow an on-going event or approach more conveniently certain topics. So, for instance, in every issue you will find the presentation of two books instead of one and the rest of the chapters will be substantially enriched.

We will keep on numbering two issues (251,252/20.01.2018; 253,254/20.02.2018...) untill the expiration of the current subscription contracts. The subscriptions contracted after that will be, as so far, for one year period, 12 issues and the cost of subscription will be unchanged  for both the printed and the electronic versions.

We assure you that our main concern will further be of offering you valuable materials, objective and timely analysis while remaining oper to any suggestions and propositions coming from yourselves.

With our highest consideration,
Director and Editor-in Chief of Geostrategic Pulse
Major-General (ret) **

Corneliu Pivariu

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