Publishing House: Proeditura, 2007.

Author: Bernard Raquin.

Included in the collection "Secret Universes" the book presents the great historical manipulations, mostly selected from the 20th century because they are closest to us and more present not only in writings but also in our memory.

Structured on eight chapters, the volume is based on the idea that there has always been manipulation, and that the great myths are based on lies.

In Chapter I - "The invention of facts in order to lead - propaganda," the author says that the human society seems to be governed by the law of the imaginary. Information, propaganda and misinformation produce false, alarming news that generate emotions, which penetrate our minds in order to finally provide manipulation.

Chapter II - "The theories of manipulation," deals with the techniques of manipulation and with building myths in order to exploit stupidity and mystify reality. In order to illustrate the progresses of propaganda in the 20th century, an English Member of Parliament is quoted, Arthur Ponsoby, who said: "At war, if you don't tell lies, you are negligent. Suspecting a lie is a bad thing. Sustaining the truth is a crime."

Chapter III - "How to instigate to revolution." The author answers to questions like: Who and what were Lenin and Troţki, who set up the secret police and what were its missions, what the police of the mind is and why a world government is necessary.

Chapter IV -"How false plots are made up"refers to one of the greatest misinformation from the history: The Protocols of Sion Scholars in building the so-called "world government."

Chapter V - "The organization of mass movements" describes the mechanisms of the "democratic revolutions" where politicians and demonstrators interpret, live on television, the roles given by the others, with the purpose to replace the leaders with a group careful to the interests of the powers.

Chapter VI - "Manipulation from a distance and psychological weapons" refers to the old and new research and accomplishments in parapsychology in influencing the mind and reading thoughts.

Chapter VII deals with the issue of drugs, which for the author is just a way of manipulating masses, but turning people into consumers, or by making the issue one of the world problems.

In the last chapter, the author deals with one of the newest themes brought to our attention "Weather manipulation" (black tides, HAARP project, earthquake and tsunami war), all the weather events, which can actually be influenced , are used in order to control and manipulate people.

We consider the book to be remarkable because it is directed to our conscience and wants to be a warning to wake us up.

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