The Outsourcing Handbook

The Outsourcing Handbook

How to perform successful outsourcing


Authors: Mark J. Power; Kevin C. Desouza; Carlo Bonifazi

Publishing House: Kogan Page Ltd, SUA, 2006

Outsourcing various components of companie's activity is a practice used increasingly, and it is often used as an efficient instrument in the global competition nowadays. Companies offering these services are doing it faster, cheaper and better most of the times. Many companies outsource various activities presently, from the informational and financial component to marketing, human resources and research. The leaders of these companies are not always ready to face the challenges generated by this option.

The Outsourcing Handbook presents to you the strategy that can be put into practice by any manager, no matter what the dimensions of his company are. The book focuses on the most usual outsourcing traps and it describes the best positive experiences. User friendly and well-structured, the book introduces you, step by step, to the entire outsourcing process, including:

Strategic decisions making;

Necessities defining;

Decisions of the seller;

Negotiation and closing management contract;

Initiating project and activity transfer;

Managing relations with external partners;

Continuation, modifying and stopping outsourcing contract;

Resuming process

Written in an accessible style, similar to a dialog, the book helps you to establish an operational process and offers the necessary know-how to outsource the activities you want successfully.

The publishing house listed above is a guarantee in itself for the quality of the book and it is highly appreciated by the specialists in the field.

A few words about the authors:

Mark J. Power - is the president of Ros Incorporated USA Company, specialized in theoretical knowledge teaching concerning outsourcing and practical consultancy, with over 15 years of expertise in the field.

Carlo Bonifazi - is co-founder and vice-president of Ross Incorporated, having an expertise of over 20 years in various technological fields. He initiated and managed numerous outsourcing processes in fields such as IT, telecommunications, and security.

Kevin C. Desouza - teaches at the University in Washington, and prior to that he was the Director of the Institute for Business Research. Among others, he wrote "Managing Knowledge with Artificial Intelligence" and co-wrote "Managing Information in Complex Organizations".

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