Transnistria and Russian threats at the Black Sea

Publishing house: Semne, Bucharest, 2007

Coordinator: Victor Roncea

Long live and may be prosperous Moldova, Ardeal and the Romanian County!" yelled Ilie Ilaşcu, Alexandru Leşco, Andrei Ivanţoc and Tudor Popa, trapped in a cage and well guarded by special Russian troops 15 years ago in Tiraspol, during the law process that was meant to terrify the population from Transnistria that would have dared to oppose in any way the new rulers and the old masers from the shadows. In fact, Ilie Ilaşcu warned at the trial that: "The purpose was in fact to intimidate the movement of national liberation from the republic in order to demoralize the masses".

The book analyses, in its 750 pages, the geopolitical problems of the area where the Russian power meets the Romanian land, within or outside Romanian borders. It also includes a DVD with recordings collected under the title "Encaged for loving our country"- a synthesis of the detention years of Ilaşcu group.

When the book was launched, the journalist Victor Roncea said that he learned from "Andrei Ivanţog what freedom means, just like it was painted on the walls of the cell -two angels and a flag. From the entire group he learned what fighting for the country and for its people actually mean."

Here are some titles from the book, launched exactly a month after they were all released after 15 years of detention: The Last Political Prisoners from Europe; A New 36 Camp at the Gates of EU and NATO; The Liberation of the Romanian, the Symbol of the New Romania; "A Cold War" at the Borders of Romania; "The Union is Alive"; Alive Sacrifices on the Altar of Truth and Justice; "We Survived because of the Ideal of all Romanians: Enlarged Romania"; "If Time went back, we would do the same thing"; "The War for Enlarged Romania is not over yet"; The Trial of Ilaşcu Group - Geopolitical Connotations and Sociological Effects; The Black Sea Matter, The Soviet Expansion at the Black Sea; The Danube Issue - Our World Destiny at the Mouth of the Danube; Geopolitical and Cultural Aspects from Transnistria; The Oriental Issue - Romania and the European border in the East; Soviet Peace - First Objective: the Control of Oil Routes; American Peace - Repositioning American Military Bases: catching up with History; From the Collection of "Frozen Conflicts" to Romanian Directions of Strategic Action; the Isle of Snakes and the Strategic War of Ukraine with Romania; The Mob of the White Collars at the Black Sea; "the Services" and the Insertion of Russian Finances in Romania ; Russian Secret Services - Overview and Present; Interferences in the Romanian Space; Secret Activities deployed in the Romanian Space; Treason in Bucharest and Rebirth in Chisinau.

Honored with "The Star of Romania" as Knights, modest, shy and discrete, our heroes have remained united and persisted in their convictions. They live among us not like heroes but like ordinary people.

Their deeds and even they are officially inexistent for the leaders from Chisinau.

I wonder until when?

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