Foreign Policy - Romania

Foreign Policy has appeared in Romania at the end of 2007; the magazine is published by Adevărul Holding in Romanian, it is issued every other month (we present you the first issue December 2007/ January 2008), has 100 full color pages and 75% of the articles are translated from the American variant.

According to general manager of Adevărul Holding, Răzvan Corneţeanu, the staff of the magazine includes former foreign ministers Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu, Andrei Pleşu, Adrian Severin and Petre Roman, as well as Magdalena Boiangiu, Vasile Puşcaş and Ovidiu Nahoi.

"Foreign Policy" magazine was started in 1970 in USA and it is published by the organization Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington.

Foreign Policy is a political, economical and international relations magazine and currently has 11 foreign editions, from which we mention "Foreign Policy Arabic"," Foreign Policy Bulgaria", "Foreign Policy Germany"," Foreign Policy France"," Foreign Policy Spain".

The first issue of the magazine contains many questions, but also provides responses: To legalize or not to legalize; China and India are shopping; Carlos Slim, the story of new magnates; The war Americans deserve; World's greatest myth; Who makes global policy in Romania?; Romania might lose emergency train; Globalization index 2007  Romania goes down six places in this classification; A Hip-Hop world  nowadays, hip-hop is a real global art of communication; World of books (book reviews) - "How did Italian politicians became untouchable", book appeared in Rome, "From slave trade to free trade: How commerce undermines democracy and justice in Africa", paper appeared in Oxford and Nairobi; Idea Stand, with two materials: "Questioning the value of diversity" and "Iraqi insurgent networks"; The world of sports (The Olympics in Beijing); Other worlds (cyberspace, cyberspace war etc.).

Romanian editors reassure us that "starting with the next issue, in February 2008, Foreign Policy Romania steps to a regional- global level. How good could/ should the relationship of European states to Russia be? What global missions do the USA prepare for NATO? How relevant are multinational European emergencies and for whom? Who emigrates in the European emigrational countries? We will also deal with the competition in space, the champions of Europeanism and modernism under the Islamic veil".

The traditional structure is kept in the Romanian version, the topics are extremely varied and the people signing these articles are competent and fully professional, so I recommend the magazine to anyone who studies, understands or tries to figure out the world and the changes that happen.

The magazine staff invites you to join to the "global community of the ones commenting Foreign Policy subjects"!

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