ROMANIAN DEFENSE DIPLOMACY, A century and a half under the sign of


A century and a half under the sign of


- Brief history -

Publishing House:MEDRO, Bucharest, 2007.

Authors: the team formed by members of the Reserve and Retired Military Diplomats Association "Alexandru Ioan Cuza".

Here are the authors who have actually written this work, in which they put, beside the wrriten word, the passion for the profession they served with loyalty and devotion for the Country and the Army, for decades: gl. bg. (r) ing. Mitic─â Detot, col. (r) Anghel Filip, gl. bg. (r) Nicolae Ilie, col. (r) Constantin Dumitrescu, col. (r) Emil Burghelea, and col. (r) Vasile Miclea. The book was published with the support of gl. (r) Sergiu Medar and gl. bg. Ing. dr. Gheorghe Savu.

The book presents "the long and rich history of Romanian defense attaches" and comprises the historical periods since the "Union" in 1859 to present days; the authors follow like a red thread the contribution of military diplomats to defending the interests of Romanian state and people.

The work is structured on six chapters and three annexes, offering a documented analysis of the 146 years of existence of military diplomacy, "affirmed as a permanent, active and representative component of Romanian diplomacy, for the successfull promotion of Romanian foreign and security political objectives", and it approaches the theme historucally, as follows:

Chapterl I. - Romanian defense diplomacy : Traditions and present;

Chapter II. - Military diplomacy of the Romanian state until national independence and its recognition on international level;

1) Military diplomacy of prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza, 1859-1866,

2) Military diplomacy of prince Carol I, 1866-1881.

Chapter III.- Military diplomacy of the independent Romanian state in the kingdom period,1881-1919;

Chapter IV.- Romanian military diplomacy, achievements and disappointments, 1919-1947;

Chapter V.-Romanian military diplomacy in the period 1947-1989;

Chapter VI.- Romanian military diplomacy after the events on December 1989;

Annex 1 -Considerations on the work "Study of military diplomacy", written by the second section- Foreign Liaisons Office, M.St. M., 1945.

Annex 2 - On diplomacy, military diplomacy and intelligence- sophisms, gnomes and thoughts;

Annex 3 - The list of Romanian military attaches since 1877 till the beginning of the third Millenium;

I do hope, just like the authors, "that this book fills a void in the documentation of the ones interested and constitutes a new start for the elaboration of other works in this field".

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