FAILED STATES, Publising House: Antet, 2007, Author: Noam Chomsky

USA got to have the same failed states, features as those conventionally applied to countries considered potential threats to the security of American society, or the ones needing intervention to protect their own people from domestic threats.

Failed states, features are clearly identified, for the lack of benevolence to protect own citizens from violence and destruction and also because of the USA tendency to regard themselves as beyond the reach of any national or international law.

Even from the book's foreword, the author says that "The first part of this book is dedicated especially to this ever-increasing threat of destruction, caused by the USA power of state, by violations of the international law, a subject that should raise special interest from the citizens of the dominant global superpower, regardless of the way to estimate relevant threats. The second part mainly deals with democratic institutions, with the way those are conceived in the elite culture and their real performance, and also with "promoting democracy" abroad and within the borders".

Structurally, the book has six chapters. All chapters have a common denominator, strongly underlined by the author: "The world has no given up war. On the contrary. From now on, the hegemonistic world power will assume the right to carry out wars by own will, under a doctrine of "anticipated defense, with no precise limits".

One of the most interesting processes analysed in the book refers to the Middle East, where "Israel, by refusing peace, has chosen dependecy on the United States; as long as Israel's actions match the United States objectives, it beneficiates by diplomatic, military and economical support, which facilitates taking all valuables from the occupied territories and its development as a rich industrial society."

Referring to the "misunderstandings" between Islam and the West, to their hatred towards our liberties and values, the author appeals to the results of a study conducted by the Defense Scientific Council, a consultative commission of the Pentagon, that states: "Muslims do not hate our freedom, but rather our policies". As the Muslims see things, continues the study, "the American occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq did not install democracy, but chaos and sufferance".

It seems though that the atrocities of terrorism in general, and of Ossama ben Laden in special, have also a positive effect, being an impulse for democracy in the Arab world.

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