Author: Rear Admiral (r) Stefan DINU

Publisher: Neverland

Reaching 80 years old, 42 of which served in the structures of the army, Rear-Admiral (r) Stefan Dinu has decided to testify about an existence during which he has seen a lot. He was involved in significant events of past century history, and that gave him the opportunity to observe and comment the implications on Romania and its citizens.

The idea to put his life memories on paper is the result of a conscience which "caused me a lot of concerns, giving me the permanent sensation of an unfulfilled duty, for which I do not think I could find an excuse", as the author admits.

In fact, he shows the difficulties he was confronted with until he got to the final version of the book, mostly because of the secrecy of his work, secrecy which imposed firm restrictions to any disclosure about what he knew. In this respect, at first the author was considering to entitle his book "Transparences from a life condemned to discreetness". He explains that "that way I meant to infer that what I wrote was metaphorically speaking just the tip of the iceberg, the parts which can be seen; many episodes spent in the army or in the military secret services still remain under the protection of the current laws, regardless of my will. And because those would be the most interesting, I realized I was "condemned to secrecy" as I was writing, and hence the title I eventually have chosen."

Therefore, in "Condemned to secrecy" the author did not write everything he knew, especially from the time when he was head of the Intelligence Directorate of the Army. However, he offered sufficient data and facts for the historian of today and tomorrow, all of which could be used efficiently in order to put together a thoroughly correct recent history of our country.

The reader might be interested in certain aspects from the secrets of a career dedicated to the Armed Forces and the Military Intelligence Secret Service. However, there are also more interesting aspects behind the military scenes of the events in December 1989 and, in particular, the author's opinions about the terrorist-diversionist aspect at the time. Rear-admiral Stefan Dinu believes that it was actually a diversion planned from abroad, and the decisive role was played by the Soviet "terrorists".

The author organized his memories in seven chapters:

Transparencies from the beginning of a life condemned to searching.

Transparencies from the chain of command of the military career.

Condemned to secrecy.

In the whirlpool of events in December 1989.

Opinions about the terrorist-diversionist aspect in December 1989.

Hopes and fears.

Instead of conclusions.

There is also a preface written by Professor PhD Ioan Scurty, a foreword and an epilogue written by the author.

I am a reader who had the honor to know and appreciate the author personally, and in all sincerity I recommend the book to all those interested in knowing something from the unaltered history of events that changed the path of Romania. Also, I subscribe to the author's words at the end of the book "I hope with all my being that the readers of these pages will not be disappointed".


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