AMERICA AND THE WORLD. Conversations on the future of American foreign policy


Conversations on the future of American foreign policy

Author (Moderator): David IGNATIUS

Publisher: Antet XX Press

This book presents a conversation between David Ignatius, the foreign policy journalist at Washington Post, and two of the best observers of American foreign policy, Zbigniev Brzezinski and Brent Scowcroft. The discussions were recorded in the spring of 2008 and they focused especially on the issue of American foreign policy, thus resulting an intellectual incursion in the current president's range of choices.

According to the author, the book is an experiment, "the initial question is whether a leading democrat and a republican  exclusively as a personal opinion, without being for or against either one of the camps  can conceive together a new start in the foreign policy". The answer is given by what the two analysts believe and say, although they have different views on certain topics.

Characterized by the author as emblematic figures in the Cold War, Brzezinski and Scowcroft are concerned by the persistent mentality of the above mentioned period among the American decision makers, which prevents them from seeing the new balance of forces worldwide, and the large global transformations in the last twenty years.

Professor Brzezinski, born in Poland and educated at Harvard, and the great general of aviation from Utah, they both had special achievements when they were advisors for national security at the White House, and they continue traveling and participating to debates, they keep observing and reflecting.

In their analyses, the two start from the national interest and are realistic in the matters of foreign policy. They believe that the USA has to be with the transformation forces all the time, they cannot stay aside, and they have to show availability to discuss with both friends and enemies.

In their opinion, America must regain its self-confidence (which was lost after September 11). Zbig (as addressed by the moderator) believes that "The problems we are facing cannot be solved if the country is driven by fear".

They see the USA as a superpower in the 21st century also, a country opened to the rest of the world, which should listen, cooperate and impose where the situation calls for it.

They tackle and analyze issues of leading importance and difficulty, such as the relation between the USA and Iran, the troops withdrawal from Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, the dispute between the Arabs and the Israelis in the Palestinian issue, the rise of China, its entrance in the global community of nations and the significant diminishment of the US role in the continental part of the Far East.

On 25 December 1981, the Soviet flag was taken down from the Kremlin and the two specialists believe Russia has become a state with vague frontiers and identity (Russia still has this problem).

The discussion also refers to the relation with the EU, the policy of cultural dignity, the new global issues and also the foreign policy priorities of the new American president and these are just a few reasons for which we recommend you read the book.

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