Author: Institute of Higher National Defense Studies

Publisher: Economica

With the contribution of the best experts, the Institute of Higher National Defense Studies of France (IHEDN) proposes a complete collective work which deals with all the accumulations in the specific domain of economic intelligence. For all the themes approached, the paper contains a theoretic analysis accompanied by an operational side and also by a complete bibliography.

The paper is built around the axes which now characterize the economic intelligence, especially in France. The ways and consequences of the economic defense concept evolution are analyzed, with the aim of highlighting the French specific in terms of economic intelligence. At the same time, the paper deals with what the economic intelligence really is: owner of "knowledge" based on data gathering and processing the useful information; dedicated to preserving information and knowledge by protecting the patrimony; contributor to elaboration and diffusion of information through processes such as lobby and influence strategies.

The paper is structured on four chapters, each having two-three subchapters, within which several issues are approached, as follows:

Chapter 1 : The French specific: a public policy of economic intelligence. This chapter deals with the French national structure for economic intelligence, the economic intelligence in departments and regions, as well as the influence of national strategic cultures, starting from three examples: China, Great Britain and Morocco.

Chapter 2 : Managing knowledge: gathering and processing useful information. The chapter deals with the cycle of information, the surveillance , like a preface of strategic decision and management of knowledge, its place within an organizational vision of the economic intelligence process.

Chapter 3 : Patrimony protection: preserving information, knowledge and culture. Here the risks and threats are identified, along with the systems of prevention and those of crises management.

Chapter 4 : Influence strategies: contribution to elaboration and diffusion of information. This chapter deals with the normative influence, the proactive task of economic intelligence and its influence on public decisions.

These four chapters are accompanied by a preliminary one "From the economic defense to economic intelligence", which is a chapter of conclusions. Territorial intelligence is seen as a means for local development and there is a synthesis and a perspective on the domain approached in the paper. There is also a foreword signed by squadron vice-admiral Francois Dupont, former director of IHEDN, a preface signed by Alain Juillet, high official responsible for economic intelligence within the National Defense General Secretariat and a postface signed by Olivier Darranson, president of IHEDN Board.

All the bibliography used by the authors is listed in an alphabetical index at the end of the paper, together with the internet sites.

The paper has 224 pages and it is available for 10 euros, exclusively within the IHEDN research center, at 21 Place Joffre , 75007 Paris.


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