Adhering to Al-Qaeda - the Jihadist recruitment in Europe

Adhering to Al-Qaeda - the Jihadist recruitment in Europe

Publishing House Routledge - Great Britain, December 2008

(Collection Adelphi Paper-399 -IISS)

Peter Neuman is the director of the Centre for the Study of Radicalization and Political violence - ICSR from Great Britain. He is an expert in terrorism, especially in the European terrorism (mainly in Great Britain and Northern Ireland) and secret services; he is author and coauthor of books and articles on the respective topics. His book Old and New Terrorism: Late Modernity, Globalization and the Transformation of Political Violence is under print and it will be published in 2009 by Polity Press in Great Britain.

The paper explains the process of recruiting young Muslims to become members of the Islamist movements militating in Europe. Although the open recruiting can no longer take place so easily, some other important alternatives appear in terms of locations to pick adepts from, such as the prisons and the "vulnerability places". The author speaks about the role of radical imams and of the organizations which welcome the young Muslims in Europe and help them during the adaptation process. There is talk about the messages and the ways which help the recruiting process, highlighting the fact that the internet has started to play a more important role in this activity.

The author believes there is no systematic decrease of the Jihadist recruitments in Europe, and he introduces other potential choices of European government in order to break the terrorist networks, also mentioning the factors which facilitate the Jihadist recruitment. At the end, the author considers that the utmost challenge for the European states in this domain is building more open societies, where integration would no longer be in the advantage of the recruitments for extremist causes.


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