The Audacity of Hope.Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream

The Audacity of Hope.

Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream

Author: Barack Obama

Publishing House: First Vintage Books Editions - July 2008

The book, first issued in 2006, has reached the top on New York Times magazine and on-line Amazon sales. The book has also been advertised by Oprah Winfrey, who supported the present American president in his electoral campaign. The book stayed on New York Times top for 30 weeks and an audio variant was done in 2008.

An Italian edition was issued in April 2007 with a preface by Walter Veltroni, former mayor of Rome, leader of the Italian Democrat Party, considered on of the first European supporters of the present US president. The Spanish and German editions were issued in June 2007 and the French edition, issued in October 2007, was subtitled "a new American political concept". In October 2008, the book was translated in Croatian, too.

It is the second book of the author, and it is part of a contract signed with the publisher for three books; the author received 1.9 million dollars.

The title of the book comes from the main discourse presented by the author in 2004 at the Democrat Convention, titled "The Audacity of Hope"; after that particular discourse, several analysts considered Obama to have a good position in the race for presidency.

The book is a political biography of the author and, according to Chicago Tribune, "it concentrates the senator's most important values".

According to the American critic Michael Tomasky, the book introduces Obama's potential "to build a new politics, a progressive one, however based on the civil traditions and addressing the large American public".

In over 400 pages, the book presents the author's political choices, insisting on the domestic policy. However, it comprises a chapter of about 60 pages on the US foreign relations, titled "The World beyond Our Borders", where personal insights and impressions from the external visits are presented. Reference is made to issues of worldwide interest like poverty, the world's financial situation, regional issues and the great powers (China), the situation in Iraq, Afghanistan and also reference to Ukraine. There is quite a lot on Indonesia, maybe because it is the forth country as population after China, India and the USA and maybe not enough talk on the relation between the USA and the European Union.

Since now he is the president of the USA, Barack Obama will have to pay even more attention to the international relations, and reading this book allows us to know better the author's options and political thinking.


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