Organized Crime and Corruption- vital support elements for terrorist organizations

Organized Crime and Corruption- vital support elements for terrorist organizations

Author: Lect.univ.drd.Vasile FULGA

Publishing House: Technical-Editorial Center of the Armed Forces 2008

University-lecturer Colonel Vasile Fulga, a specialist in the field of defense intelligence, is the author of numerous materials, articles, essays, lessons and scientific papers on the complex domain of organized crime and corruption, which represents terrorism's vital support. Furthermore, Colonel Fulga has written about terrorism as a social element and asymmetric vector of warfare in the future.

He has graduated the National Defense College in 2005.

The changes from the end of the last century and the beginning of the present century have caused profound transformations in the security environment, they have created a much more complex and heterogeneous world, as globalization through democratization has deepened the multiple interdependencies between states.

In Chapter 1- "Organized crime , risk factor and threat to the national and military security of states", the author defines organized crime and the features, the typology, the domains, the factors and the mechanisms involved in its dynamics. As domains of organized crime, the author deals largely with the traffic of drugs, weapons, ammunitions, explosives, radioactive materials, nuclear technology, chemical and toxic substances or biologic agents, illegal migration, traffic of human beings, economic-financial crimes, "dirty" money, falsification and traffic of foreign currency, credit cards, national currency and other false or counterfeit payment instruments, IT felonies and traffic with stolen cars.

In Chapter 2- "Corruption -supporting terrorism without frontiers", the author considers corruption as "a group of illicit, illegal and immoral acts which contrasts strongly with the existent social and juridical norms accepted by society. It is determined by a complex of causes and conditions of social, economic, political, moral and cultural conditions". In Romania, corruption goes together with organized crime, and here there are 5 extremely active mafias: the Gypsies, Turks, Arabs, Chinese and Ukrainian-Moldavians.

Chapter 3- "Prevention, familiarization and combat of organized crime and corruption - a leading necessity of Romania in the context of the fight against terrorism", deals with the influences of organized crime and of corruption on the national and military security of Romania, and also with the legislation, objectives, strategies, place and role of the structures with attributes in the field of national security.

The book has 15 annexes which illustrate and complete the chapter or subchapters of the paper.

This book is a very useful reading for the structures and the experts fighting organized crime, corruption as well as terrorism.

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