Strategic Survey 2008. The Annual Review of World Affairs

Strategic Survey 2008

The Annual Review of World Affairs

Author: The International Institute for Strategic Studies London (IISS)

The International Institute for Strategic Studies London (IISS) is an independent organization, an authority recognized worldwide in the analysis of political-military conflicts, whose prestige has increased along its 50 years of existence, commemorated in 2008. the organization issues several valuable publications, which can be ordered by the ones interested. IISS database provides access (for paid subscription) to valuable documents and analyses accumulated over time, very useful instruments for the researchers or analysts of the geopolitical issues or of other relevant events and situations worldwide.

Among its annual reference papers, published by prestigious institutions, the following survey occupies a leading place.

Whereas most of the surveys of this type appear every spring and deals with the events of the previous year, this Strategic Survey has been issued at the beginning of September and presents the events in the period June 2007 and June 2008.

Strategic Survey deals with the main international events and is a valuable instrument for the interpretation of strategic evolutions worldwide.

The book presents the leading analyses and issues and the key events in the international issues, during the period mentioned above. For further expressiveness, it includes detailed maps focusing on certain issues and tendencies of special interest and importance.

The 2008 Strategic Survey has a first chapter analyzing the perspectives of the international situation's development in light of the events analyzed. The next chapter deals with the main political strategy issues, analyzing: the reform of the intelligence services in the USA and Great Britain, as well as the issue of the Arctic continent and its resources.

The next seven chapters analyze the main events of all continents and geopolitical areas so that the reader can have a comprehensive and real overview on the international situation upon reading the paper.

From among the maps, we mention: the arctic resources and the maritime transportation routes; the frozen conflicts at Russian borders; Gazprom penetrating into Europe; the progress made in the evolution of the situation in Iraq; the perspective of the presidential elections in the USA.

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