Authors: Ph.D. Eng. Marian RIZEA; Eng. Eugenia RIZEA

Publishing House of "Oil and Gas Engineers Association" - Bucharest, 2008

The book is written by two historians without any political involvement who present their professional and sincere researches on oil. At the same time, the authors warn about the danger and the consequences of the irrational use of the global energy resources.

The authors, both oil engineers, briefly present the history of oil from "the grease used for wagon wheels, to children's games, to cures for diseases, to street, palace and house illumination and then to the gas engine" - oil having a very important role in the development of the human society.

Romania's remarkable results in producing technology for oil extraction worldwide are also mentioned.

The Oil and Gas Institute from Bucharest (3 August 1948) trained numerous specialists who later built the drilling installation 3 DH 250, gold medaled at the International Exhibition from Leipzig (1964); the drilling installations from 1966 reached the top depth of 5300 meters (International Exhibition from Argentina), and the Romanian oilmen obtained a new depth record of 7050 meters at the 1968 Exposition.

In 1971 the sea drilling installation "FOMAR " was built and in 1974 the oil platform "GLORIA " was set up. Other sea drilling platforms were built on the continental platform of the Black Sea in the next years.

Romania, already part of the world's greatest oil countries, hosted in 1979 the 10th World Oil Congress in Bucharest.

As far as the present is concerned, the history includes a lot of data about the privatization of the National Oil Society "Petrom", out of which we quote: "One must not be an oilmen or an economist to understand that the privatization of the company which sends the greatest amount of money to the state budget was done without too much intellectual effort for those who were supposed to defend the national interests; and since Romania is on the verge of a potential energy crisis by giving away its only oil resource, the worries reach maximum levels".

The book presents other coordinates with examples and realism, including the real reasons of the present conflicts - oil reserves.

University professor Ph.D. Cristian TRONCOTĂ, Dean of Faculty of Information at the National Information Academy, considers that: "The book addresses not only to specialists but also to the common reader. It contains numerous landmarks from the past and from the present but also a serious warning. There will be a future for the generations to come only if we use the good things from the past and if we avoid the great errors of the past".

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