CORRUPTION OF GREAT POWERS. Strategies and lies in world politics


Strategies and lies in world politics

Publishing House : "Litera International" Bucure┼čti.

Author : Miguel Pedrero.

Fernando Jimenez del Oso, one of the most popular Spanish commentators of the paranormal phenomena, is warning us even from the foreword of the book, that "If we choose, upon knowing these data, to adopt a position, other than equanimity, this is something everyone has to decide for himself". The book has no connection with the paranormal, but it present different stages of the international events and plots especially built in order to grasp as many natural resources as possible.

For this purpose, we find out that the leaders of great western powers did not restrain from sponsoring the works of Marx, financing the Bolshevik Revolution, supporting Hitler's ascension, and more recently, financing various guerilla groups, according to their interests at the moment.

A theory is presented in chapter three, and the author supports the emergence of a new cold war between USA and China. Capitalist economy was adopted in a state ruled by a unique party, over 1300 million people enter abruptly into a capitalist system, and economy grows by 10% per year, which leads to a double gross internal product every seven years, all of these will make China the first economic power in the world by the year 2010. Currently, China represents the second oil consumer in the world, and a free market in such a big country means a, enormous consume. " if the United States fail to stop the ascension of the great dragon, exaggerated Chinese imports will cause a lack of important raw materials, which will generate increased prices and, consequently, a severe economic recession in the world".

The author reminds that China adopted a "new art of war" towards the American strategy of controlling Chinese actions. This new Chinese "art of war" is described in the book "War without limits", which has a huge influence on the country's political and military leaders, as it supports the idea that "China had to suffer the most because of the invasions in Iraq and Afghanistan".

The information in this book is extremely interesting, diversified and manifold. The book speaks about the need to control reserves of Coltan, which is crucial for mobile phone manufacture, space shuttles, all "intelligent weapons"; 80% of the world reserve of this ore is in Congo. This has lead to the pauperism of indigenous populations, to the establishment of bloody regimes and sometimes even to genocide.

Furthermore, we find out how NGOs are controlled, with or without their knowledge, in order to serve the interests of various groups, about the involvement of the International Bank in the drug trade, about the financing and weapons offered to various terrorist groups by the great powers, about business and the secrets beyond the fateful day of September 11, etc.

The author tells us "not to lose optimism; fortunately, there still are millions of people with a good heart at every level, there are idealists fighting for a better world every day".

However, the book contains nothing new for the secret services specialists and also for the people who work in foreign affairs structures.

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