Publishing House: University "Transilvania" Braşov ,2007.

Author : col. (r) univ. prof. PhD. Vasile Marin.

In the foreword, university professor doctor Emilian M. Dobrescu confesses that, to his knowledge, this book is the only one where the author combines geopolitics and geostrategy.

In his endeavor, the author starts by asserting that geopolitics and geostrategy provide a scientific analysis concerning the global issues of mankind, focusing on the social, economic, political, cultural, military, geographical levels and others, and trying to offer solutions in solving the rather difficult situation mankind is dealing with.

However, both sciences also deal with the connections and the interaction between the states, they both use a specific language but also a common one, which makes it possible for us to understand the geopolitical and geostrategic situation nowadays.

As the author appreciates, the book "appears like a conceptual entity standing up for itself, and it expresses diversity in unity, in the sense that the ideas and opinions offered belong to domains that are interesting and useful to human knowledge, namely geopolitics and geostrategy".

The author is a fine analyst of geopolitics and geostrategy, so he refers in the first chapter to the physiognomy and art of war in the 21st century, and then he analyses the demographic situation, the spaces of linguistic and spiritual continuity, and the contemporary financial field. In the fifth chapter, the author refers to the geopolitical crisis and its reasons and effects, then to the elements of geopolitical analysis and their role in crises prevention, attenuation and solving.

The following chapters deal with the main geopolitics schools and theories in the 20th century and also with the concepts of cosmopolitics and cosmostrategy, the European security and defense policies, and the actors and protagonists in geopolitics.

Starting from the tenth chapter, the book contains elements of geopolitical analysis of the contemporary international order, then several considerations on the rapport between religion and power, between Islam and power. Also, the author mentioned some philosophical aspects of the connection between politics and geopolitics and space as confluence of the both.

Terrorism, as major threat to security, is treated in the fourteenth chapter and it could not be absent from such a book: the author deals with geopolitics as the element of construction and analysis, and also with the geopolitical analysis aspects of the ex-Soviet space between the Caucasus and the Black Sea, plus the place and role of China in the balance of power in the Far East and the Northern Pacific.

The last chapter (the twentieth) deals with the relation between the political and the military aspect, the rapport between the purpose and means in a war, the place and role of the army within the contemporary political system.

"We are convinced- says university professor PhD Emilian M. Dobrescu- that this book will introduce you to a new and ineffable universe, the Universe of Geopolitics and Geostrategy, which are two essential sciences for any specialist. Therefore, do read this book freely! You will be richer in applying the Force of Knowledge, the Wisdom of Information and the Beauty of the Ideas so skillfully illustrated in this book".

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