About Ingepo Consulting:

  • INGEPO Consulting Company was established in late 2006 as a completely private initiative of the above mentioned founder, having no political affiliation and benefiting of no financial support from any Romanian or foreign public institution.

    This site is a private initiative to introduce some theoretical notions that apply in the strategic intelligence field. We will also present some theoretical problems and applied analyses to geopolitics.

    We would also like to offer a free posting area, for as long as we can afford, for those interested in promoting their opinions regarding theoretical issues of strategic intelligence of today or even tomorrow, for materials that apply to former actions of intelligence services that are not classified any more and are important for both the present and the future of the strategic intelligence.

    We believe that transparency in this field and especially in the theoretical approach can only be beneficial for both the intelligence communities and for the society at large.

  • In geopolitics we would like to present theoretical issues and pertinent, well documented analyses of today`s problems and future trends of the situation in areas such as Europe, Black Sea Area, Balkans, Middle East, Eurasia.

    We are able to provide, upon request, analyses, syntheses and other materials related to the above-mentioned topics.

    Do you want to get your works known and you don`t have the means to print them? Use this opportunity!

    Please visit this site, submit your materials that fit our profile and we ensure you that they will be carefully analyzed. Also, please send us any suggestions you might have in order to assist us in improving this site.

    Thank you for your interest and for visiting us.


Requirements for posting materials on this site:

  • Your materials are welcome to be posted on this site. The requirements to do so are as follows:

    - The author must provide us his(her) real identity (last name, first name) and valid contact data (phone number, e-mail address, mailing address). Submitting a CV is optional, but might be weighted toward the value of the submitted material. Upon request, we can post the material on the site under a nickname, however he(she) must provide us real contact data.

    - The theme of the material must be related to the profile of the site; the material must obey the Romanian National Security Law, the responsibility in this sense resting entirely upon the author of the material.

  • - Submitting your material for publishing on this site equates with your acceptance that your material might be used as documentation base for other materials and theories and you cannot derive any benefit (such as author`s rights) from such usage.

    - We encourage the usage of the posted materials on this site as documentation base for other works, however the later must not alter the material`s main ideas and must cite its source, unless otherwise specified in the material.

    - The material must be sent in .pdf , .htm(l) or .doc format. It may contain diagrams, maps presented as annexes (under .jpeg or .pdf format).



  • Armenia - Yerevan 2008 Welcomed by Mr. Vahram Nercissiantz, Presidential Advisor on Economic Issues
  • 2. Syria - Damascus 2008 Welcomed by Mr. Mohsen Bilal, Minister of Information
  • 2008 Bucharest –Hilton – Celebrating one year of “Geostrategic Pulse”
  • Armenia - Yerevan -2008 Welcomed by Dr. Areg Galgstyab, deputy Minister of Energy
  • Syria - Damascus 2008 Meeting with the Minister of Tourism
  • 6. 2008 Bucharest –Hilton – Celebrating one year of “Geostrategic Pulse”
  • Armenia- Yerevan 2008 Welcomed by Mr. Arman Kirakossian, Deputy Minister of Energy
  • Syria - Damascus 2008 Meeting with the Minister of Economy
  • 2008 Bucharest –Hilton – Celebrating one year of “Geostrategic Pulse”
  • Armenia -Yerevan 2008 – at the Ministry of Defense, after the meeting with Mr. Ara Nazaryan, Deputy Minister
  • Syria - Damascus 2008 Meeting with the Minister of Finances
  • 2008 Frankfurt - Hotel 'Villa Kennedy' – attending Jane’s Conference on the European Defense Policy
  • Armenia- Yerevan 25 Oct. 2008 Together with the Romanian Embassy staff, at the commemoration of the Romanian troops dead in the Caucasus
  • Syria - Damascus 2008 In a meeting with the Orthodox Patriarch of the Antioch
  • 2008 Geneva – During a break at the Conference of the London International Institute for Strategic Studies
  • Syria - Damascus 2008 Meeting at the Islamic Studies Center
  • Part of INGEPO Consulting staff wishing our clients a “Happy New Year 2008!”
  • Syria - Quneitra 2008- Meeting with the Director of the Memorial Museum
  • 19. TV show 'Politica la rascruce' Mix2TV, with Dr.Sergey Konoplyov –Harvard
  • Syria- Damascus 2008- Welcomed by the Great Mufti of Syria
  • Syria Damascus - 2008 Welcomed by Mr. Najah al-Attar, Vicepresident of the Republic
  • Brasov 2008 Celebrating one year of Geostrategic Pulse
  • Brasov 2008 Celebrating one year of Geostrategic Pulse