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Editorial to Geostrategic Pulse 239 - The world agoing, the EU stands by?

Editorial to Geostrategic Pulse 239 - The world agoing, the EU stands by?

The world agoing, the EU stands by?
Corneliu PIVARIU

We are the witnesses, some even players, of certain important geopolitical movements. After the two world wars that marked the XXth century and the Cold War, that ended at the end of the same century, the first decades of the XXIst century reveal us we are in a new stage of redefining of the great global powers’ and of regional ones’ positions, a stage which, although did not reach yet the point of seriously exacerbating the tensions for bringing about a world military conflict, determined many institutes of strategic analysis and valuable analysts to consider that a [...]

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"As a magazine specialized on International Affairs, Geostrategic Pulse stands out by its extremely valuable articles, very relevant and up-to-date, as they provide both expert information and professional assessments on the contemporary developments and events. " [...]

Senior lecturer Simion COSTEA, PhD
Vice-dean, "Jean Monnet Professor"

"Geostrategic Pulse is a source of finished intelligence.The facts are well-researched and the comments are value added for decision makers.The expertise on the Middle East,Eastern Europe and the Black Sea region is excellent." [...]

Dieter Farwick - Senior Vice President
World Security Network Foundation
BrigGen (ret.)
Former Force Commander and Chief Operations at NATO HQ

Geostrategic Pulse is an example of perseverance, modesty and reliability in the Romanian media, a subtle combination of solid expertise and the ability to deliver serious and vital messages to the Romanian state in an efficient, comprehensive and readable way. [...]

PhD Dan DUNGACIU, Director of the Institute for Political Science and International Relations – Romanian Academy